In 1922 Alfred Stieglitz wrote:

"Thirty-five or more years ago I spent a few days in Murren [Switerland], and I was experimenting with ortho plates. Clouds and their relationships to the rest of the world, and clouds for themselves, interested me, and clouds which were difficult to photograph -- nearly impossible. Ever since then clouds have been in my mind most powerfully at times, and I always knew I'd follow up the experiment made over thirty-five years ago. I always watched clouds. Studied them. Had unusual experiences up here on the hillside . . . I wanted to photograph clouds to see what I had learnt in about forty years of photography. Through clouds to put down my philosophy of life -- to show that my photographs were not due to subject matter -- not to special trees, or face, or interiors, to special privileges, clouds were there for everyone -- no tax as yet on them -- free.

"So I began to work with clouds -- and it was great excitement -- daily for weeks. Every time I developed I was so wrought up, always believing that I had nearly gotten what I was after -- but had failed."

"Straight photographs . . . All in the power of every photographer of all time, and I satisfied that I had learnt something during the forty years . . . ."

After 1922 Stieglitz described his cloud photograph as Equivalents. "My cloud photographs are equivalents of my most profound life experience, my basic philosophy of life."

I too make my humble contribution of Equivalents.

Based on Stieglitz's rules, I also intend to produce 10 photographs (though Stieglitz did in fact produce more than one set). I intend to build up a collection of the best ten photographs. These will change from time to time as I continue to build the collection. I will also leave up another gallery of some of my "rejects". You can look at these too. I would be very happy to hear from you on your feelings toward my Equivalents, collection and rejects.

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