Menachem Kuchar

Below are a few of the messages that people wrote in the Visitors Book at the Actualities exhibition at the Gush Etzion Judaica Centre.

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Very, very strong.
Too close not to be painful.

Best of luck capturing the times.

Emotional and terrific!!

Your creative and artistic eye, in combination with your sensitivity, makes each and every photograph a special, beautiful trumah [contribution] to all that we have been through and that awaits us!

May you go from strength to strength.

O - u - t - s - t - a - n - d - i - n - g!!!

Menachem, Thank you for sharing your creative vision of this difficult period for Am Yisrael [the people of Israel]. Your work is an inspiration to continue to hope for a better future. I am honored to have shared at least one outing [to Gush Katif] with you on this artistic journey.

Kol haKavod

Inspiring work, from both the artisitc perspective and the strength of the message contained in it.

The eye of the artist
The heart of the Jew
The hands of a master.

It's Great!
May we all be able to have happier occasions to capture.

We are here from Crown Heights, NY.
Very inspiring and great photography.

Through your photographs we see that what happened affected the heart of every Jew.

May you continue to teach us.

Menachem, not only do your photographs have great artisitic merit, but thay are the chronicle of an event that is fast fading into history, and as such they are invaluable.

You've done an amazing job, something that needs to be seen by people all over the world. B'ezrat HaShem you will do another exhibition focussing on the return of the Jews to Gush Katif.

So sad to see Anita Tucker "tenderly tending" her celery stalk.
Also like the photograph, "Nadav and Dog".

So, so sad.

The exhibition is both beautiful and emotional -- it reawakens the pain of the Expulsion.

I've known you as a terrific swimmer -- but here you are seen as a sensitive caring and person. These are very important photographs.
In my opinion these represent an historic document. Time will tell.
Continue working and creating -- there are not many who are capable of doing what you have done here. Thank you.

Terrific exhibit!
Keep up the good work!

Menachem, top marks.
Very sad, very sad.
And a happy, happy, happy future please Gd.

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