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Below are comments people have written to us via our website.
I have found them very inspiring and some have made look my pictures in a different light.

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I have never been more moved by a collection of photographs, especially the photos relating to Gush Katif. I love photography and I hope that one day my photographs will affect people in the same way your photographs have affected me.

Keep up the good work.

I am so excited about this book! As I went through the pictures on your site many powerful emotions came over me. I was in Gush Katif this summer in June and then back to Jerusalem in August during the expulsion. This book is the answer to what I've wanted - to remind me always of what the expulsion was about, but most of all, the amazing spirit of the people of Gush Katif and Israel. They are my heroes!

I find myself drawn to look at your photos over and over. I'm looking for something, I don't know what; I just keep looking and crying at what Jews are doing to Jews! My daughter and her family lived in Neve Dekalim, now they are in Kfar Tapuach....on the hilltop over, actually. We all know that their hilltop is not long for existence. I just keep looking for the sanity is any of this...and PRAYING!

I am a photographer from the Netherlands.

My english is not so good but my eyes and feeling for art are!

Your works of art are very beautifull, it was a pleasure to watch at.

Thanks for exposing, you gave me a good time waching it!

In such trying times, when we are in need of answers to what is going wrong in our world, what is happening to us as a nation, your photographs are uplifting and stunningly real as to what it means to be ONE NATION UNDER G-D.

As I browsed through them, I laughed, I cried , but most of all I felt a renewed spirit of hope. Hope in our G-D that he will yet come to our rescue once again as he has done every other time before, and hope in us that once again WE will stand strong AS ONE NATION in the service of G-D.

Thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful photographs with us. May Hashem always continue to bless you with continued success in the "GIFT" that he has given to you.

May we celebrate Moshiach's arrival TODAY!

Simply esquisite! Mazel Tov!

Your work is so beautiful.
I'm a big fan of b&w photos.
You capture many moments so well ~ both personal and historic.

Thank you for the timely piece on The Last Event at the Katif Hotel Before All Residents Were Evicted. I am still processing this awesome web site!

hi where can we purchase the book?

I am still wearing my orange bracelet and have a seret on my purse and car the 'expulsion' will remain w/me til my last day on this earth...

The photographs are all inspiring and with the explanation of why the orange is, made them even more meaningful. I am not Jewish, I am a Christian, but there are millions of people just like me that suport the Jews and believe that they should not be made to withdraw from their homes. Olmert has made a pact with the devil and many will be harmed because of it. I pray that God protects each of you and that these wrongs will soon be made right for and by the Jewish people and all that suport them.

thank you for the nice pictures you took that I could also admire them.

I like the orange color, and also I like Israeli settlers.

Do you know and where i can get colored t-shirts with the slogans for the settlers. In this way I like to support them by wearing it in the German public.


I found your powerful and beautiful photos on the Ti'ud web site.

Kol Hakavod.

Thank you for sharing your photos. They are wonderful.

I just viewed your pictures and they are beautiful. The ones with the tefilin and tefilin & prayer book are the most striking. I got goose bumps when I saw first saw it!

Yasher koach

We just came back from two weeks in Israel and were profoundly affected by what is going on. Your photographs are powerful and evoke a depth of feeling. We would like to purchase a signed print of the tefilin photo.

Thank you for your wonderful work. It brings us back...

I was gifted with your "Gush Katif" bencher at the Bar Mitzvah of the grandchild of friends. It is very impressive; and now, after the evacuation, has become a memento/reminder. I checked out your website, printed in the bencher credits, and very much enjoyed your professional skill as a photographer as evidenced by the photos online. I will refer my brother to the site, both as a professional photographer and also as someone who served in Thailand in the Peace Corps almost 30 years ago.

May you go from strength to strength.

Your powerful images helped to keep my family and me connected to the people of Gush Katif, in the most positive way possible. Through your art, we saw these brave and passionate warriors in all their strength. Thank you.

I like your photographs. They are very good. I am curious though as to how you produced the color with black and white. But most of all I feel like I must know what the orange means. Does it have a kabbalistic meaning? Outside of these two questions I have some more pertinent questions. Do you know Reuben Prager? I pray for him and the Gaza evacuees. Can I remember you in prayer also?

As I am thinking as I write I would like to ask "What does the Hebrew mean on the bracelet?"

Your work appeals to me because it is provokes one to think.

I wish to encourage all your efforts...I would like to thank you for producing this type of mystical message through photography.

Thank you again...May your work continue to be like streams in the Negev.

May Hashem Bless and establish the work of your hands. Shalom, Shalom!

Your work is excellent and very inspiring. I would be interested in purchasing two prints from the Actualities in Black and Orange.

I had seen your other work, but today for the first time saw the bus stop photos, and I thought they were fantastic. Very powerful. Looking forward to seeing if it develops any further.

gorgeous work. love the gush katif bencher!

Enjoyed the photos of the concerts of the Diaspora Yeshiva Band and a pity you did not get any pictures of Mattisyuahu he rocks.

yashar koach on the beautiful and powerful photos. i especially loved the one on tamarim beach.

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