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Hevron, the City of Our Fathers

I started photographing in Hevron in 1976 when I came to learn at Yeshivat Nir, in nearby Kiryat Arba. In those Jews were yet to be allowed to live in Hevron proper, but we were able to go anywhere in the city we wanted. I moved around, often on my own, and without a weapon. Today, with God's help, there are thriving communities in Hevron, not just in Kiryat Arba, but unfortunately our movements are severely restricted to a small fraction of the city.

The central feature of Hevron is the Ma'arat haMachela, the Cave of the Patriarchs. This beautiful ancient building dominates Hevron.

I have continued to photograph in this area over the years and present you here with a number galleries, of Ma'arath haMachpela, the famous building above the burial cave, and also other sections of Hevron. Some of the photographs are historical, photographed largely in 1976, and many are, I believe, graphically very interesting.

I hope you enjoy these photographs and hope too that you visit Hevron very soon.

Ma'arat haMachpela

Later photographs of Ma'arat haMachpela

The City of Hevron

Newer photographs of Hevron and the Ma'arah at various times during 2010

Tisha b'Av in Hevron, 5771 (2011)


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