Lens Magazine
Black and White Portraiture
Issue 60, September 2019

My published spread on the topic of
Mutilated Ladies in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Lens Magazine Cover

  I was greatly honoured to have my fine art photography, along with my descriptive text of the project, published by leading photography journal, Lens Magazine, in their September 2019 edition.

All of the photographs presented here were taken in May 2019 around various villages spread across the Omo Valley in the south of landlocked Ethiopia. Each tribe has its particular sartorial style, which in addition to animal skins, shells from far away Mombasa on the Kenyan coast and beads, includes various decorative forms of body modification such as extended earlobes, stretched lower lips as well as tattoo and inflicted scarring.

The quality of the page images provided to me by the publisher allow clear reading of my accompanying text.

So set your browser window to fullscreen, click on the magazine cover on the left and enjoy my fine art.

For those who like some technical information, the photographs were shot using four different Fuji X cameras and lenses and prepared using Capture One. This combination allows me to share and convey to my viewers my feelings and vision at the time I stood across from my subjects.

Menachem Kuchar

Lens Magazine Feature

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