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Whose Land Is This?

"The Jews are a nervous people. Nineteen centuries of Christian love have taken a toll."

Benjamin DYisraeli    

"Nazi anti-Judaism was the work of godless, anti-Christian criminals.
But it would not have been possible without the almost two thousand years' pre-history of 'Christian' anti-Judaism ... "

Hans Küng    

The Amalekite, Joseph Alois Ratzinger, member of the Hitlerjunge, the Hitler youth organisation, from age fourteen and later a member of the Wehrmacht [literally, "defense force" in German — I kid you not, defence?] enters the Holy Land later today.

I live in a brothel, surrounded by pimps, mesdames, prostitutes and harlots. The Jewish people has gone totally mad, lost its senses, lost its unique identity, and now, lost its land. Here everyone has gone pope mad. Do they not know who this guy is, what he represents? With a long haired Jewish youth, wearing but his undies, hanging around his neck, this Amalekite king of Edom, Rome, is coming to Yisrael to push for its destruction as an independent Jewish State. Judging by the reaction, you would think some kind of rock star or perhaps the Messiah himself [may he arrive speedily — we sure need him quickly] were coming.

The Israel Tourism Ministry has produced a special website — in seven languages — for the occasion, — it cost us (the Israeli taxpayer) thousands. Other than a link to the main Israel Ministry of Tourism site at the very bottom of the page, there is no way to distinguish this from anything created by the catholic [Middle English catholik, universally accepted, from Old French catholique, from Latin catholicus, meaning universal] church itself. (The website was taken down after the visit.)

El Al, the Israel National Airlines (It's not just an airline. It is Yisrael) also jumped into the fray. Their home page this week includes "EL AL welcomes His Holiness: Pope Benedict XVI and [sic] warmly invites all Christians to come and visit the land of Jesus' [sic] birth". I beg your pardon? Apart from the nonsensical nature of the English in this sentence, am I to understand that Benedict works for El Al? In the marketing department?

And what kind of holiness. Edom and Amalek do not posses holiness — you cannot get much more profane, or far away from the Holiness of the God of Yisrael. Edom and Amalek are the antithesis of sanctity.

Our pathetic Jews are rubbing their hands with glee. They started counting their money weeks ago; no-one has yet arrived. Hotels, restaurants, buses, tours guides ... they're making a fortune. Galilee area occupancy will be at an all time high!

Well not really. Only ten thousand pilgrims are currently expected (contrast that with 47,000 when the previous roman emperor came here to pillage) to accompany their holy father (and the underclothing clad little Jew travelling in front of him.)

And it is well known that catholic tourists are very poor spenders, wherever possible lodging on church property, using their own tour guides, shopping for religious trinkets in their own (read Arab-owned) shops. The windfall to the national economy will be marginal at best.

Why is this sovereign [sic — according to church documents] here now? It is part of the endgame, the dismemberment of the Jewish state. How ironic that he comes on Lag b'Omer, the day that symbolises and memorialises our last stand against Rome, against our mortal enemy of generations, Esau. The proud Jewish people, the only nation, ever, to successfully stand up to Rome — and to rebuff, repulse, reject, defeat the Romans — twice! How mighty are the fallen! (No, there are no coincidences.)

King Benedictus XIV is here for his share of the upcoming land grab, he wants a piece of the action, he does not want to miss out his share of the spoil. Specifically, he wants (part of) a building on Mount Zion, the upstairs of a Byzantine era structure where a Pesach seder, called by them the last supper, was supposed to have taken place (five hundred years before the edifice was erected). The ancient house, on whose ground floor is said to be the tomb of King David, has been used for the last forty years by a number of yeshivahs for Jewish Talmudic studies. [Before 1967, the rooftop of the same building was the only place a Jew could stand, at the risk of being shot dead by a Jordian soldier stationed on the walls of the Old City a few metres away, and look into the Temple Mount.]

And our government, some of whose members appear to be agents for the Edomites, is happy to hand over this site, and at least seven other sites are on the clearance sale list too. And why not — the Russians did OK thank you very muchly. Olmert's cabinet, as a farewell gift to the Jewish people, handed control of a large tract of downtown Yerushalayim to the Russians ... "And Yehuda also shall fight at Jerusalem", Zekharya, 14:14.

Most people here do not seem know, nor care, that over fifty percent of Yerushalayim is owned by various churches [yes, I meant >50%]. And we pay them rent. Including the president's residence, the prime minister's official residence, and lots more. Towards the end of nineteenth century, the Gerer Rebbe called together his wealthy parishioners to collect money to buy the Land of Yisrael. "Eretz Yisroel is up for sale" he said. His hassidim laughed at him ... and the churches bought up big ... and cheap. The Shem miShmuel, representing his father and two other hassidic groups, arrived in Yisrael at about the same time with enough money to buy the entire Galil. But he didn't buy it. He was too honest. The Turks had just passed a new law as he arrived that only Turkish citizens were permitted to purchase land in Palestine. And he did not fit the bill, so he returned to Europe, with his money in his wallet. Fortunately Rothchild wasn't as honest and bought the Galilee using a Trukish lawyer as a proxy.

The [largely Jewish] staff of one of the other kings of Edom has tried disarming Iran of its soon to be acquired nuclear weapons, and to bring about Yisrael committing suicide and setting up an new Arab country in the centre of our country. What is the connection between the two?

And please do not misunderstand the situation — most Arab governments, including Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, cannot wait for Yisrael to destroy the Persian reactors. They are petrified by the Iranian threat.

The Edomite kings are working in concert. They have an agenda. Their aims are identical, in sync. They are already dividing the spoil. Benedictus too wants his pound of flesh, physically in terms of land, and spiritually by offering support to poor downtrodden moslems. I supposed he didn't not all the moslem villas and luxury cars in Ramallah, once a very christian city. These people essentially are the catholic's (and the American's and the Spaniard's) mortal adversary, but they are a means to their current perceived end. My enemy's enemy is my ally!

After one and a half millenium, Islam is poised to finally take over Europe. The Continentals do not seem to care. The Jewish problem is currently, again, tantamount. Look at the population figures — birthrate currently running at a European average of 1.35 children per couple and falling, less if you take into account homosexual pairs. This is well below replacement. Even if there were an immediate about face in the downward spiral, it would take many decades to make up the lost ground. On the other hand European moslem birthrate is now at a massive 8% per annum!

It has been hypothesised here in recent days that, while goyim are all bound by the legal system haShem imposed on the sons of Noah (read all of humanity) to not worship avodah zarah: idols, trees, the sun, moon, earth, spiritual prostitutes — they are not prohibited from praying to a Trinity, a three-pronged representation of the true god (if that is in fact what they believe). Thus we should be nice to their visiting leader. While it may be true that the Trinity is permitted to Noahides (that actually is not true — they however are permitted a duality) we need only to look at catholic practice with all the statues to which they bow down and pray and beseech? Especially look at South American churches — or Russian [Orthodox, Pravoslav] icons! Oh, one advantage of having lived for too long in the diaspora amongst these practioners.

One wit quipped that had the apostate [cardinal of Paris] Jean-Marie [born Aaron in Paris in 1927 — had himself baptised in March 1940, aged thirteen] Lustiger, been elected pope, there would be not just a few good (sick) Jews who would be proud of the "Jewish boy who made it good".

Menachem Kuchar    
2nd August, 2009    
12th Menaḥem Av, 5769


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