Menachem Kuchar


I am offering original, signed prints of my photographs. If you have a favorite Menachem Kuchar image, let us know. I am now printing using the latest Epson archival pigment printers with original Epson papers and inks. The paper size I am using is 13" x 19" (approximately 33 x 48 cms). I have now also acquired a 17" wide printer to print large sized prints. The actual size of the photographs depends on the individual print as I crop each photograph differently, depending on the subject. The square photographs in the Actuality Collection are printed as 12½" (32 cm) square.

Some of the photographs are being sold as signed, limited edition, numbered prints. The prices of these prints is indicated on each photograph webpage

The cost of each unlimited edition print is US$90 printed on 13" x 19" paper. Shipping and handling costs are $9.



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