Givat Eitam

The city of Efrat is located on seven hills: Rimon, Te'ena, Gefen, Dekel, Zayit, Dagan and Tamar. The latter three, although part of the original blueprint for the town, were only eventually settled after a struggle.

To the east of the seven hills is a ridge called Mount Eitam. It was on this site that David originally thought to build the Beit haMikdash, the Temple, which his son and successor, Shlomo, eventually built on Mount Moriah in Yerushalayim.

Givat Eitam, whose area is larger than Efrat's original seven hills, was to be built after these seven. The government is now building the so-called security fence between the seven hills and Eitam. This effectively cuts Efrat into two. Indeed, despite various claims to the contrary, the government has abandoned Eitam, and parts of the hill are now dotted with illegal Arab building.

In order to prevent this "separation", the people of Efrat, with support from many friends around Israel, have attempted to settle Eitam. There have been a number attempts to move onto the hill in the last year.

Please view the following collections of the different times groups have gone up to Eitam to demonstrate a presence.

Tu biShvat 5769

Sheva Brachot Hanuka 5768

Biking to Eitam Friday, 19th October, 2007

Succot 5768

Succot Part II

Yom Ha'atzmaut, 5767

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