Givat Eitam on Sukkot: Part II

On Tuesday afternoon, Hol haMoed Succot, about thirty young people gathered on Eitam, put up a Sukka and a couple of tents. Four adults joined them for Mincha. At the same time a solitary army jeep was joined by two blue police jeeps, two Border Guard jeeps and at least another eight army jeeps. Some of these were going up and down the hill so it is hard to know exactly how many there were in total. They also brought along a (civilian number-plated) tow-truck to remove civilian vehicles (there were two of us) and an army ambulance.

Once the "troops" clearly outnumbered the kids, they declared a "closed military zone" (no papers were shown) and then entertained themselves knocking down the Sukka.

While driving back (after the succah was down) we passed a number of military vehicles making their way to Eitam, including two large, empty vehicles, which were obviously meant to carry the kids off.

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