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In 2007 and 2008, Jill and I spent a week in New York City during November. I hadn't been to New York, nor even to the States, since I passed through the city on my way in 1989 to Boston, for my nephew, Natan's, brith.

We had a great time: galleries, museums, shopping and a vegan's paradise (Jill turned vegan during that second trip).

On both trips I photographed extensively and I have set up here two different galleries [written in 2008] for you see my own take of the city.

The second time we were there a bit later into the season than the first, and additionally the autumn had been colder; thus the colours are very different. I think you will also see a development in my photographic style.

On seeing the 2008 collection, my cousin Teddy Treitel wrote,

"As a former ad agency creative director, I am very impressed by your portfolio, especially the composition and artistic juxtaposition of largely mundane subjects, which make every shot a work of art."

In August, 2009, I was in the States on my own. In addition to New York, I also included San Francisco in my itinerary -- first time I have been there. Natan was now getting married to Lilly and I was again passing through New York City to celebrate with him.

Everyone kept asking me, "Isn't San Francisco a beautiful city?" Well yes, it is nice, but I spent most of my first thirty years on the seaboard in Sydney, Australia. I have also since visited Capetown, South Africa. And I now live near Jerusalem, which the Talmud tells us received 9 of the 10 portions of beauty bestowed upon the world.

Need I say more? Perhaps Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is an equal to Sydney. But I very much enjoyed spending a short time in the Bay area. Lots of galleries and exhibitions; interesting place to photograph; and even more vegan than New York City.

To keep our tradition alive, we both again spent Thanksgiving in New York City in 2009, my second visit to the city that year. I photographed extensively. I was also very fortunate to meet and learn from photographer, Joe DiMaggio, with whom I participated in a very interesting workshop.

I wrote a piece on my return explaining why I spend so much effort in photographing reflections. You're welcome to read my take.

We missed out visiting during 2010, instead visiting Adelaide, South Australia, as well as Hong Kong and Bangkok.

I hope you enjoy these collections:

New York in Autumn 2011

This year, after nearly a week in New York City, roaming around aimlessly taking the photographs in the above gallery, I decided to pick a specific topic. I chose external fire stairs, some of which I had photographed on previous visits. Here they are: FireEscapes in New York City

New York in Autumn 2009

August 2009 in the U.S. Summer in New York City & Mark Twain's "Winter" in San Francisco

New York in 2008

New York in 2007


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