Menachem's Writings

Who is this photographer and Writingsger, Menachem Kuchar,
aka The Kuch

This is the start of my Writings!

I'm not sure what I should be doing on the internet. My presence now goes back over thirteen years. I've built many pages, some of them for myself and others for my friends (who occasionally pay me some real money). Some of them have even made a lot of money from their sites. Of course the proportion of success to payment is not always fair.

Sites I have built for myself include:

  • My photographs. Yes I am also a very talented photographer. You can buy my photographs taken in many places around the world, including the 2 countries in which I have lived the most, Israel and Australia. You can also see the photographs at my alternate site. They may be different some time in the future, but not this week ;-)
  • Land of Israel Photographs. Sort of political.
  • PizzaIDF or the alternate. A site from where you can send Pizza, Burgers, Soup, Mishloach Manot for Purim, Honey cake for Rosh haShana and Donuts, sufganiot, for Hanuka (Chanuka, Chanukah, Channuka, Channukah, Hannuka, Hannukah or maybe Hannuka -- there is no standard for transliteration).
  • Psychometric, psychologic, career, vocational assessments and tests for academic and business environments.
  • GI Pizza. Send Pizza and Soda to American troops in the Persian Gulf. We sent a lot of pizza out in Saudia Arabia, Kuwait and the Gulf Emirates, but I can't trust a pizzeria in Bagdad (Baghdad -- is that a silent 'H' or do I pronounce it -- some Australians call the letter haych) or other parts of that country!
  • “When you will come into the Land [of Israel], you will plant all Fruit Trees . . . ” Vayikra (Leviticus 19:23) Plant Fruit Trees in the Holy Land, in Israel, the recipe the Torah gives you for conquering, settling and holding onto the Land of Israel.
  • It all started here -- this was my first "own" site -- I only had a small idea of what the web was about and how to write a cgi.

  • And for my friends:

  • Israel Behind The News a really good news site run by my friend David Bedein. You can sponsor an edition. Also look here.
  • Marksman International Personnel Ltd by far the best company in Israel for English speaking personnel. Represents all the big boys that are moving into Israel including outsourcing and payrolling.

  • There are more too (really) but I've stopped doing them of late and, well, I can't control what they're now doing.

    I've published a book of my photographs. Titled Actualities in Black & Orange, the book analyses the backstage of the battle against the so called disengagement, in reality expulsion, from Gush Katif, in Gaza. Look at details and be sure to order a copy. you can also order a signed original of any photograph there, or any photograph on the site. You can also buy one of my two (more to come) benchers, birchonim or grace after meals photographic booklets. The first is Gush Katif and the second Hevron - Hebron, the City of our Fathers. You can also buy signed photographs used in the book. Most of the photographs are limited edition, usually 18, 36 and 50. Except the Black & Orange and Bus Stop series, which I started selling before I realised that people liked to buy limited edition prints.

    I am working on a new book now, Reflections and other Abstractions. You can see some of the photographs that will appear in this book on my sites: Reflections Equivalents and Musicians and spread around other galleries on my sites.

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