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They're Out to Kill Us!
No I am not paranoid

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin is "our" rabbi. I don't mean at our yeshiva or in our town, Efrat. I'm talking about the swimming pool. The rabbi holds court each morning, first in the sauna (a session which I do not usually attend -- I'm in the water by then) and later in the locker room. The locker room parliament is where all the problems of the world are discussed, at length, and important resolutions effecting the entire human race, and even that of the lower angels, are passed.

Three Menachems regularly frequent this venue. Menachem Feder is the rabbi's son-in-law, so in honour (or fear) of his father-in-law, he keeps his opinions to himself. The other two are referred to by the rabbi as Menachem Information and Menachem Conspiracy (in Hebrew these words, informatzia and conspiratzia, rhyme). Of course non-Menachems are there too.

You probably guessed it -- yours truly is Menachem Conspiratzia. (Menachem Informatzia is the local supermarket proprietor, Menachem Perlman.) However the rabbi has agreed, in public, that some of my conspiratory theories have played out -- the most notable being my plea that no-one vote for Ariel Sharon when he ran for the office prime minister of Israel a few years back. They accused me, by not voting for Sharon, of effectively voting for the radical left. Sharon sure proved me correct when he attacked Gush Katif. And many parliamentarians apologised.

I have not yet expressed my latest concerns directly in the Parliament. They have been partly mentioned in respect to my attitude to what we ingest into our bodies. But until today, this has been largely food related.

In addition to his primary position of looker room sage, the Rabbi is also, amongst other roles, the Chief Rabbi of Efrat. As one of his responsibilities here, in accordance with his mentor, Rav Yosef Ber Soloveitchik, he has taken upon himself to teach daf yomi, the daily Talmud page. The gentlemen at his lesson like to drink a bit, tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc. A few years ago one of the doctors at the lesson said to the rabbi, "Why are you drinking diet Cola? . . . Don't you know diet soft drinks are fattening?"

"How can that be?"

"Well have you ever seen a thin person drinking any?"

That was enough to instantly wean our rabbi off diet drinks. But last week he had a new, more advanced view on diet soft drinks. Someone pointed out to him that "aspartame", the sweetener in many of these beverages, is a leading candidate as the cause of Alzheimer's Disease. Wow! He instantly banned all diet soft drinks from being brought into the synagogue building.

I am glad he has arrived at the realisation that not everything we put into our bodies, things sold as foodstuff, is good for us, is appropriate to eat. The opposite may in fact be sometimes be true. I am sure that he, and nearly everyone else around us, does not spend too much time thinking about the effects on our bodies of our food.

I believe that the drug companies and food manufacturers are serious culprits in our lack of well-being. I am sure that this is not always on purpose, but I am sure that their desire to make money is more supreme than their yearning to keep us healthy. Seed suppliers, with their genetic modifications, also may be driven more by pocket lining than the benefit of humanity, both growers and consumers.

It may even seem that these industries are in cahoots: the food industry poisons us and the drug companies detox us -- both making incredible amounts of money in the process.

On the micro scale, it would seem that some of the caterers at our wedding halls don't worry about our health, they don't seem to care at all if they are poisoning you. What do they care about? Solely that by the time they get around to feeding you, usually after 10 p.m. (I agree that's not their fault) that the food looks fresh and has taste. They produce 500 or more individual meals each evening, two or three courses, during the morning hours (in the best case) and often at a location remote to the reception. So how could a sane person even expect the meals to be fresh? But we all pay them oodles of money . . . and I'm planning a wedding at the moment . . . Help!

Caterers have well some known trips up their sleeves. Oil makes food look shiny, read looking fresh. Salt and monosodium glutamate, M.S.G., enhance and accentuate taste. M.S.G. may even have adverse physical effects on some people, including an allergic reaction commonly called "Chinese restaurant syndrome". Others report reactions including dizziness, headache, flushing and burning sensations. Trade names of monosodium glutamate include Ajinomoto, Vetsin and Accent. Most recent studies have indicated that M.S.G. is safe "in moderate quantities". Whatever moderate is? Does it build up over time? They said something similar about aspartame a few years back. "Don't drink too much diet drink each day". Well the rabbi is a step ahead of them. Are you?

U.S. Food manufacturers have one hurdle when introducing a new food product to the market. They want/need to make sure they have F.D.A., Food And Drug Administration, approval. That's all they need, and they can sell. They are not in business to make you healthy. They are selling a good feeling, a sensation, a taste. Some diet colas have now added vitamins and minerals to their beverages. Milk too. Does that turn these into health foods?

It's often easier to sell in some other countries. I'm not insinuating that it's easy to get F.D.A. approval for a new food or drug. But there's a hell of a lot of junk food out there on the market that has with permits, and there's a plenty of food that is certainly bad for you, or has no intrinsic value to you. Make no mistake -- the food industry is huge, mega millions. Their sole aim is to sell, to show the stockholders a continuing handsome profit.

Other big players in our world are the drug companies. Forbes recently reported that the pharmaceutical companies are the most powerful force on the planet . . . much greater than the oil producers.

I don't want to get into a discussion on whether the current swine flu may be man-made . . . or the virus just happened to jump species like Ebola and AIDS in the past. However I do remember that the original cases were reported in California and not Mexico. But it took hold in Mexico, just over the Californian frontier. Luckily for the Americans because the "American Flu" doesn't sound too good. The "Spanish Flu" pandemic of 1918, also an H1N1 virus, did not originate in Spain. "The disease was registered in the continental US and the rest of Europe long before getting to Spain."

The Talmud in tractate Ta'anith, chapter three (page 21b), discusses a fast declared by Rav Yehuda when a disease amongst pigs became endemic in Babylon. The gemara assumes this was because the rabbi feared other [kosher] animals would also contract the disease, creating a shortage of meat on the market. However the reason for his concern was that pigs were different to all other animals. Their digestive tracts are similar to those of humans, and he feared the disease could spread to people.

The drug companies are currently racing, against the clock, to produce an inoculation against the "new" influenza virus. Can you imagine the amount of money they will make when the U.S. Federal government enforces the already existing paragraph in the Patriot Act which requires, at pain of forced (no appearance before a court) incarceration, that everyone submit to vaccination when a pandemic is declared (and it has already been declared). And 60,000,000 units in Great Britain, and more for the rest of Europe, the rest of the civilised world. Mega-mega-mega bucks!

Are people dying from the pandemic? Of course the pharmaceutical companies prefer you to believe so; otherwise they can't sell their new product. Yesterday the BBC reported an H1N1 related death in the U.K. "A six-year-old girl who died after contracting swine flu, had 'been through a lot' with other illnesses, her father has told an inquest". So what was her cause of death? The H1N1 virus of course!

Look at other reports of deaths from this virus. There seems to be more happening in at least some of the cases, and not all is being fully reported. There seems to be a rise in attributed flu related deaths in general over the last couple of years. Are more people dying, or is this a marketing based reclassification?

So it was with these questions, for which I have not yet worked out or received answers -- and there probably are good answers -- please write to me -- that I came across the following report, that appears, yes I admit anonymously, on a number of Internet sites.

This was originally posted at here, but has since been removed. I found it here. I have copied it in full with the copyright wavers, etc. I don't know too much about, but found the site after I heard one of their people interviewed on the radio.

Original posting:
The following explosive information was posted anonymously on the internet at: and forwarded to us by a supporter.

We cannot confirm all of the shocking details and note that the factual information is not specific enough, or verifiable to indicate that a company insider wrote it. The general claims regarding the dangers of vaccination are widely believed by health and freedom advocates. We have removed any identified commercial references and replaced same with "M". The Foundation and its trustees had no prior knowledge of this posting and were neither asked for permission to mention our URL, nor gave such permission.



Iím a former "Mí executive with knowledge that will get me "accidentally" killed if anybody ever discovers who I really am. So, I am lying when I tell you my name is Steve. But everything else I tell you is true!

The active ingredient in all flu vaccines manufactured by "M" is mercury. No other ingredient in any "M" flu vaccine has any effect on influenza in any way. Only mercury has any effect on the flu. What mercury does is kill nerve cells. The brain is basically nerve cells, fat and water. So is the spinal cord. So are all the ganglia in the human body. All mercury does is kill nerve cells.

It turns out, that dead nerve cells laden with mercury and nerve cells dying from mercury poisoning actually do protect the surrounding cells from viral infections. Flu is a viral infection. We discovered this property of mercury at "M" in about 1965 and started lacing all of our flu vaccines with mercury. "M" has not only the most profitable flu vaccines, they have the most effective. Why? Because they add mercury to their vaccines. Without mercury, flu vaccines are less effective than one cup of herbal tea. With mercury, the vaccine is very effective at killing nerve cells and more effective than one cup of herbal tea in preventing the flu. In fact almost as many vaccinated people get the flu as the normal population. But, with flu vaccines, there is a price to pay:


Before we started adding mercury to our flu vaccines, we had very few reports of children becoming asthmatic. Iím guessing the incidence rate was less than 30 cases per 1,000,000 vaccines. Thirty per million is less than placebo effect and it would be very difficult to ever prove the vaccine caused the asthma. Going to court when you were the 1 in 33,000 people vaccinated that developed asthma, is a losing cause. Youíll never prove it to any judge or jury. You wonít even get your case to a jury trial.

Immediately after we started adding mercury to the vaccines, the number of reports claiming children were developing asthma post vaccine increased several hundred-fold. The current odds are 13 out of every 100 children vaccinated with anything containing mercury will report asthmatic symptoms within thirty days. Once reported, these symptoms rarely remit. One out of eight children being vaccinated for flu will develop asthma, asthma-like symptoms and cystic fibrosis that remains with them for life. Thatís the current odds. This would make a very good court case except for one thing. "M" is immune to lawsuits for their flu vaccines thanks to the FDA. You canít sue "M" for any side effect of their flu vaccine - no matter how gross their negligence. Hereís a sample of what happens because they add mercury to their flu vaccines and thatís grossly negligent and should be criminal. But it isnít.


Mercury kills nerve cells. When the nerve cells in the brain are die, the result is attention deficit, autism, behavioral disorders, bipolar, brain tumors and cancer, decreased intelligence, hyperactivity and memory problems. Flu doesnít cause any of these things. Before mercury was added to flu vaccines all of these conditions were very rare. Autism occurred in less than one birth out of a million. Attention deficit was unknown as was Asperger Syndrome. Behavioral, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar and hyperactivity disorders were extremely rare ó less than one in a million, and these disorders didnít even have a name. Today one out of three children receiving mercury-laced flu vaccines will develop one or more of these problems within twelve months of being inoculated. The incidence for children who are not inoculated is very rare in America and around the world.

"M" has known for twenty-five years or more that mercury is absolutely and irrevocably the cause of all these disorders, syndromes and conditions. Mercury is the cause because it kills the brain cells and other nerve cells that keep the nervous system running smoothly. Kill some critical cells and you create a plethora of problems medicine canít cure. You also create a culture dependent upon you for the rest of their natural lives. "M" knows this and does nothing about it but rake in the profits. "M" stands for mercury and mercury kills your brain and nervous system and thatís what "M" does to protect you from the flu.


But thatís only the beginning, when nerve cells die, muscles become under-nourished and atrophy and give rise to muscular dystrophy, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and myriad syndromes plaguing people who receive flu vaccines. But the best part of this from "M"ís viewpoint is it takes years for these syndromes to manifest and proving the vaccine did it is nearly, if not absolutely, impossible. Thatís the bad news for all of us, because today these things all happen a hundred or more times often than before the introduction of mercury in flu vaccines. They also happen hundreds of times more often to adults who were vaccinated as children than to adults who were never vaccinated. One of the benefits of living in a third-world country is your children do not need to be vaccinated against the flu.


Of twenty-five thousand plus employees during my employment, I never heard of one "M" employee who allowed themselves, their families and especially their children to be vaccinated against the flu. They know too much and theyíre not taking any chances with their families. If they are ordered to vaccinate their children, they take them to one of the company doctors who inoculate their children with saline solution and sign on the dotted line the batch and lot number of the flu vaccine they used (probably by flushing it down the toilet).

Insiders protect their children.


Here are the possibilities as I see them: a) become a "M" employee, b) protect your children even if you have to move them out of the state or country, or c) gamble with your childrenís chances of a normal life and allow them to be vaccinated. In the meantime, join and support and protect your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Join in all of their campaigns to Save the Children and support them as best you can.



Theyíll spend as much money as they need to spend to identify and locate me. They expect to eventually find and terminate me, and I expect to live. Theyíll continue to lie to the FDA and the public. The public doesnít know any better and the FDA doesnít want to know. Anything FDA employees know will place them in jeopardy and they know that. They donít want to know anything.

"M" executives will lie in court and to the legislature. Courts rely on the preponderance of evidence and "M" has always been able to purchase the preponderance of evidence for bottom dollar. The legislature relies on re-election and "M" can spend enough money to make that happen even if they have to buy each voter, one voter at a time.

Why? Because they continue to make more money in one day than most people can make in a year. With all that money they can do whatever they want to do and buy themselves out of anything, anytime. I know. I did. Now I feel guilty because I am partly responsible for killing and maiming children with vaccines that are not only legal, theyíre required by law. That legally makes me a good guy.

Thatís America! The good guys get to legally kill and maim children with complete immunity and the bad guys go to jail for stealing bread to feed their children. Thatís America! PS: Please make a copy of this web site and share it with your friends. When the good guys from "M" or the FDA find it, this site will disappear as have the two previous web sites I built with the same information. Thank you.


We are not aware of who claims the copyright on the above noted posting and reproduce it based on the permission stated in the article.

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I still really not sure what to make of all this. Please let me hear your thoughts. The world is a scary place, that undoubtedly is one thing of which I am certain.


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