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A Travelogue: Visiting the "new" Jews of Africa

  1. Arrival to Africa
  2. Shabbat in Nairobi
  3. The Road from Eldoret, Kenya to Mbale, Uganda
  4. Visiting the Abayudaya of Putti
  5. Visiting Kakungulu's House and Grave in Gangama, and the Abayudaya of Nabugoye and Namanyonyi
  6. Return to Israel, the long way around

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Want to tell me something -- or have a look at my photograph galleries (each gallery from a different part of the world and representing a different theme - worship in Thailand, Eating Out in Bangkok, Sydney Harbour and Beaches, Hong Kong, New York and non location themes: the World in Reflection and Actualities in Black & Orange). I've also produced two benchers, birchonim: Gush Katif and Hevron (Hebron).