Menachem Kuchar
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Thank you visiting my Fine Art Photography site.
I hope you enjoy looking at my artistic endeavours as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

An artist's biggest thrill is publicly displaying ones work. My photographs have been included in numerous exhibitions.

In additional to photographing, I have been doing a lot writing over the last few years: photography, childhood, roots -- and basically anything/everything that comes to my attention or bothers me. Also feel free to read any of these starting at

My latest writing has culminated in a large format 160 page book,
The Abayudaya: Judaism Emerging A Spiritual Journey Into Africa,
my first foray into publishing with both a strong textual and also graphic narrative, the two things at which I excel.

  Lens Magazine Feature  

My Fine Art Photography project of ladies from various tribes living in Ethiopia's Omo Valley, was published by leading photography journal, Lens Magazine, in their September 2019 edition. The photographs are accompanied by my descriptive text of the project which was shot in May, 2019.



Towards the end of 2014, I made a significant change to the way I work photographically, embracing the philosophy of Ansel Adams's previsualisation. I believe my work has changed significantly. I am modifying this home page to seperate my recent work from the older work. That's not to say that my earlier work is not good. It's great too! but different.

India & Nepal NEW!
  18th July 2016
By the Dead Sea  NEW!
  Updated 18th July, 2016
Jerusalem Exhibition 
  Sept/Oct 2015

  Updated 17th February, 2014
  Updated 26th March, 2014
On the Edge
  Updated 14th March, 2012
China including Hong Kong
  Updated 24th May, 2013
Hevron (Hebron)
  Updated 7th December, 2010
Yerushalayim (Jerusalem)
Temple Mount, Kotel, City

  Updated 8th February, 2011
Tel Aviv Beach
  Updated 16th Jan, 2008
Safed / Ssfath / Tzfat
  Updated 1st October, 2010
  Updated 4th May, 2011
Sydney's Coast
  Updated 17th April, 2012
Views of Adelaide
  Updated 21st February, 2011
  Updated 26th June, 2008
  Updated 2nd February, 2014
  Updated 5th June, 2007
  Updated 5th June, 2007
Samaritans Passover,Sukkoth,
        Shavuoth & Mezuza
  Updated 1st August, 2014
My Home Town
  Updated 22nd May, 2008
In Concert
  Updated 26th March, 2014
Wild Flowers
  Givat haTurmussim
  Updated 6th March, 2005
  Updated 19th March, 2007
East Africa
  Updated 8th May, 2013
South Africa
  Updated 9th June, 2011
  Updated 1st January, 2008
Capsicums -- Bell Peppers
  Updated 17th April, 2012
New York City et al
  Updated 13th March, 2012
    in Black & Orange
  Updated 1st May, 2007
A Bus Stop
  Updated 21st August, 2007
Israeli Flags
  Updated 1st July, 2008
  Updated 17th April, 2013
  Updated 9th November, 2013
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Please feel free to write to me.
You can read how my photographs have affected other people via this website
      and in the Gush Etzion exhibition Visitors' Book.
You can acquire original, signed prints from this site.


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Published Books

The Abayudaya: Judaism Emerging
A Spiritual Journey into Africa

Menachem's second photographic book, published in May, 2017, narrates the experiences of the Abayudaya, a group in east Uganda who, one hundred years ago, accepted Judaism upon themselves without being aware that there was such a thing anywhere in the world.

In photographs, captions and generous descriptive text, I narrate their long journey to achieving acceptance and conversion as Orthodox Jews.

Published in Yerushalayim by the Hadar Rimon Gallery, 2017, 160 pages, 12" x 12" (30cm x 30cm) square format, soft cover.


Actualities in Black & Orange
  Book Cover
  Published in January, 2006, Actualities in Black & Orange is Menachem Kuchar's long overdue first book. It illustrates the people in and behind the "Orange" Campaign in Israel during 2005.

The work represents an inquiry into contemporary Israeli life. Using his camera precisely and lucidly to record the anti-"Disengagement" movement, Menachem weaves a photographic narrative of what was happening in the background to the events being played out on the national stage. Stunningly laid out and finely printed, the book presents more than forty timely photographs from the Actualities in Black & Orange collection, fifteen photographs from the Bus Stop collection as well as colour photographs taken in Gush Katif.

Menachem's unique eye for both the monumental and the mundane reveals a vision of universal interest rooted in the everyday, yet always looking beyond. He focuses on the subtleties of human interaction to make eloquent images.

Menachem has mastered his medium. His work shows a deep love and compassionate understanding of his country, its people, their life, their problems and their needs.

Read reviews of the book.

The book is available in hardcover cloth binding, with a dust jacket, as well as a limited edition (180 copies), signed and numbered collectors' edition.


Birchonim (Benchers)



Birchon Yerushalayim Cover

The Jerusalem Pictorial Bencher features photographs taken by Menachem in Yerushalayim over the years.


Birchon Hevron

Birchon Cover

The Hevron Pictorial Bencher features photgraphs taken by Menachem in Hevron since 1976.


Birchon Katif

Birchon Cover

The Gush Katif Pictorial Bencher features photgraphs taken by Menachem in Gush Katif and around Israel during 2005.

Menachem's Biography

One-Man Shows


Book Launch and Exhibition
  Hadar Rimon Gallery, Efrat, May, 2017
    Photographs by Gerson Ellinson

Ma'arat haMachpela and Jewish Hevron
Grand Hyatt Hotel,
New York
November, 2007

Actualities in Black & Orange
and Book Launch,
Judaica Centre, Gush Etzion
January-March, 2006
          Photographs of the exhibition by Steve Zell
From the Visitors Book.

Actualities in Black & Orange
, Maoz Yam (Gush Katif Hotel)
June, 2005

Eating Out in Thailand
, The Galleria K'tana, Efrat
March-April, 2005
          Photographs of the exhibition by Steve Zell

Other Shows

German Colony Exhibition
Bet Yehudit, 12 Emek Refaim St, Yerushalayim
Opening on 3rd November, 2015

Orange Revolutions
The Polish Museum of Ethnography in Warsaw
Opening on 27th October, 2009

Actualities in Black & Orange,
The Begin Centre, Jerusalem
16th January, 2006
        Photographs of the Exhibition
                by Yehoshua HaLevi

Magazine Covers



PVAO, an organisation that provided aid to the Abayudaya community in Putti used my photographs for their 2015 calendar. You can view the calendar, with my photographs, here.

All photographs are © copyright and may not be reproduced without permission.
Photographs displayed on this site are available as original, signed prints, produced using the latest Epson archival pigment printers and photographic papers.